Lean manufacturing principles guide our factory automation strategies. Following lean procedures helps sustainable, long-term automation solutions.

Our Approach to Optimizing Lean Manufacturing Systems

In today’s rapidly evolving economy, current value propositions are not enough to guarantee sustainability for manufacturing facilities, leading companies to seek innovative ways to increase quality and productivity while reducing waste and cost -- the key to which is the implementation of lean manufacturing principles and long-term strategies. Based on the 14 Toyota Way principles, lean manufacturing focuses on a long-term strategy which strives towards perfection using two key components: continual improvement and respect for people.

Companies drive continual improvement through Kaizen events which use 5S tools to Shine, Sort, Set in Place, Standardize and Sustain.  Single piece flow is implemented to bring problems to the surface so that they can be strategically be resolved. Non-value-added activities are reduced, and the value-added activities are balanced. Once these lean strategies are in effect, automation can be put into place to further improve quality, efficiency. reliability and sustainability.

Building a Sustainable Lean Manufacturing Culture

Leadership and collaboration are fundamental in sustaining a lean manufacturing culture in your environment. We help your manufacturing engineers implement and promote the principles of lean manufacturing by encouraging operators, maintenance personnel, line supervisors and managers to share their ideas and to build a culture that focuses on creating high quality products the first time around.

Whether the processes we implement are manual, semi-automatic or fully automated, it’s our unique approach to problem-solving that is the key to our success - and yours.

Lean Manufacturing Principles that Optimize Production

We apply Lean Manufacturing principles to better your company by implementing a strategic, collaborative, and creative approach to drive continuous improvement. Lean manufacturing optimizes production by:

  • Implementing single piece flow production

  • Eliminating non-value-added activities

  • Balancing value-added activities

  • Reducing waste

  • Developing people

“It is imperative that everyone is involved in the movement of continuous improvement. Once we identify what’s working, we can focus on what’s not working and make it better.”
— Michael Gamache

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