Designed with ergonomics, safety, increased productivity, & labor reduction in mind, our industrial automation assembly systems are uniquely created.

Industry Challenges

Manufacturing companies in the US are running into many of the same issues when it comes to assembly processes:

  • Lack of available skilled and non-skilled laborers

  • High employee turnover

  • Workplace injuries (repetitive motion, reaching and lifting)

  • Older, potentially unsafe and unreliable equipment with a lack of documentation

  • Need to automate, but lack internal resources with automation experience

  • Standard equipment may not meet all requirements

  • Custom automation can be cost prohibitive based on the current ROI calculations

  • Continuous improvements efforts are difficult to sustain

Our approach to Assembly Automation Systems

We thoroughly study current state processes by working with Mechanical Engineers, line supervisors, operators, maintenance personnel and managers to determine the correct goals for the future state. We then use creativity through group brainstorming sessions to determine a future state concept and a budget to meet those goals based on high quality, proven and readily available components. Once a purchase order is awarded, we work with our customers during the design and build phases to gather information and feedback to ensure we are meeting their expectations, project requirements and project goals.

Gamache Systems takes pride in building automation with high quality standards in place for our mechanical and electrical engineering and machine building practices. We design and build manual assembly systems, as well as semi-automated and fully automated systems combined with lean manufacturing principles. We use high-quality, reliable and proven industrial components, and our standardized programming methods help with ease of operation from one system to the next in addition to ease of serviceability.

We design it, build it, program it, and run-off your equipment at our facility to test it and then begin the training process for operators and maintenance personnel. Afterwards, we pack, ship, and install it. Once your new assembly system is up and running in your facility, we include additional training to ensure your operational success. Upon completion, we deliver a document package with operator and maintenance instructions, main assembly and sub-assembly drawings, a complete list of components with recommended spare parts and wear items noted, PLC programs and robot programs.  We provide a 12-month limited warranty that covers quality of workmanship and system operation. We also follow up with service and continued support to ensure long-term reliability and sustainability.

Benefits of Assembly Automation Implementation

  • Increased production

  • Reduced labor requirement

  • Elimination of heavy lifting and repetitive motion injuries

  • Increased machine safety

  • Increased consistency and quality

  • Increased reliability

  • Increased flexibility

  • Increased sustainability

Designed with ergonomics, safety, increased productivity, and labor reduction at top of mind, our automated assembly systems are developed specifically for each individual company’s needs.

“Gamache Systems has been a partner with The Tool House for many years and to me it all starts with trust. You can really trust their team to have the customer’s best interests in mind. I really feel that Mike and his team have a culture of execution and customer service unmatched by most builders today. Whether it is a new automation project or an assembly line rebalance, I would recommend Gamache Systems to any manufacturer who wants to work with a company they can trust.”
— Chip Paulsen (VP, The Tool House, Inc.)

Bring Automated Operations into Your Work Place

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