Gamache Systems helps organizations gain a competitive advantage through assembly & machine automation, robotics, & CNC machine tending.

About Gamache Systems


Gamache Systems (formerly Custom Lean Design Manufacturing Systems) formed in 2007 as a strategic solution to the hardships being experienced by the U.S. manufacturing industry. From concept to creation, our goal is to implement an optimal mix of people and automation to produce lean manufacturing systems to increase productivity, quality, and consistency while reducing waste, cost, and ergonomic stress.

Our specialized areas of expertise include customizing lean manufacturing systems, CNC machine tending, and automation assembly.

When companies outsource, they’re not adding value to the U.S. economy. At Gamache Systems, we believe that the answer to improving our economy lies in bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. By redesigning industrial processes to include automation combined with lean manufacturing principles, we can reduce the total cost of manufacturing and ensure long-term sustainability.

We’ve made it our mission to help organizations create a competitive advantage through the implementation of robotics and custom automation for CNC machine tending and assembly automation. With our pre-engineered and custom solutions, manufacturing companies will experience increased productivity, improved consistency and quality of products, and decreased ergonomic stress on employees.

Gamache Systems is now the exclusive Robo-Trex integration partner for the US. With Robo-Trex, our ASI (Authorized System Integrator) status with Fanuc Robotics, and other valuable partnerships, we have a clear vision and path forward for growing our company and becoming a leader in the US for providing CNC machine tending and assembly automation.

Meet our Team

Michael Gamache

Michael “Mike” Gamache founded Gamache Systems eleven years ago (formerly Custom Design Lead Manufacturing Systems, Inc.). He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (1993), and brings over thirty-five years of manufacturing industry experience to Gamache Systems. He implements technology with a positive management approach by focusing on what we do best, and has the results to prove it’s a highly effective strategy!

Mike is a people person and has a love for sales, marketing and problem solving. In his free time, he enjoys golfing, boating, sporting events, and spending time with family and friends.

Andy Miske

Andy earned an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Design from NWTC in Green Bay, WI, and has been in the engineering business for over twenty years. During that time, he has designed equipment for many industries ranging from paper, food and industrial automation.  Andy has broad knowledge of machine design and software systems, and he enjoys the problem solving challenges that arise while fulfilling the needs of our customers.

Andy enjoys homebrewing, music, and coaching.

Charles Heil

Charles “Chuck” Heil is the Director of Engineering and Manufacturing at Gamache Systems. After earning his Associate’s Degree in Electromechanical Technology from NWTC in Green Bay, WI, Charles spent twelve years at a highly automated production facility. His now 16-year career in Automation Engineering has allowed him to gain an invaluable amount of knowledge and experience.

He decided to join Gamache systems five years ago because he saw an opportunity to join a growing company. As an engineer, mentor and manager he’s played an integral role in the company's success.

Chuck enjoys being a husband & father, camping, music, volleyball and coaching.

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